Sunday, August 6th to Sunday August 13th, 2023
Dalhousie Performing Arts Centre
1610 University Avenue, Halifax

Opera From Scratch is a one week long workshop which allows six composers and six singers to develop six 10 minute operas for solo voice and piano. Composers are asked to base their mini-opera on a Nova Scotia theme of cultural or historic significance. Each composer will be expected to complete their work six weeks prior to the workshop, and each singer will be required to learn one work before attending. Composers will be paired with singers during the first week of April 2023.  Scroll down for online applications and financial information.

During Opera from Scratch, the six mini-operas will be intensively workshopped in consultation with a senior composer/mentor and singing teacher in private daily sessions, as well as a private round table for the composition students. A resident pianist will be available for private rehearsals and masterclasses. Lectures, acting classes, and round tables will be given by a new music singing specialist, dramaturge, and a theatre director. Both composers and singers will be expected to attend each other’s lessons in order to gain insight into each other’s creative process. Masterclasses will be available to all participants.

Photo:  Böðvar (Ingi) Hlifarsson Geirfinnsson sings A Tour with Wally Waterfront by Holly Winter

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